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Program &
Project Management


JVGlobal-IT Project managers can oversee the operations of individual projects within your agencies programs.

JVGlobal-IT Program managers  can articulate your agencies program’s strategy and objectives and assesses how it will impact a business. we can define and oversee a list of dependent projects needed to reach your program’s overall goals.

JVGlobal-IT Project managers can coordinate time, budget, and resources to complete work within program guidelines, and report to the program manager on progress and any changes made to the initial project plan.

JVGlobal-IT Program Managers role can extend beyond the completion of individual projects to the long term realization of your agencies whole program, including enlisting teams, implementing strategies, measuring ROI, and other big picture initiatives. 



JVGlobal-IT program managers acts as a coordinator between multiple projects for your agency/organization making sure your aligning with overall business goals.

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