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intelligence (BI)

The BI analyst role is becoming increasingly important as organizations move to capitalize on the volumes of data they collect. 

JVGlobal-IT BI analysts typically discover areas of revenue loss and identify where improvements can be made to save the company money or increase profits. 

JVGlobal-IT: BI aims to deliver straightforward snapshots of the current state of affairs to business managers. 

JVGlobal-IT Business Intelligence Analyst will work closely with all areas of business to help drive better decision making through data.

JVGlobal-IT will help create meaningful dashboards and visualizations in support of your agency’s goals.

JVGlobal-IT Business Intelligence Analyst can lead your agency in becoming more advanced and self-supporting owners of data.

Information architecture analysis using business intelligence tools based on the information needs of executives

BI, or business intelligence, encompasses broad concepts starting with an intelligence tool based on information and monitoring the environment using data from various sources.

Information architecture is an important factor in making businesses more agile and based on factual analysis, rapidly and consistently providing company executives with the necessary information so that decisions can be made based on these analyses.

Business Intelligence (BI) can be conceptualized as a set of information systems that support decision making, based on other data storage, analysis, and data mining technologies.

Information is structured via fact and dimension tables into a data storage component.

JVGlobal-IT has found that Business Intelligence consists of three basic components: a) data storage, in data warehouses (DW) and data marts (DM) b)analysis tools, called On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), that allow navigation among information; c) data mining(data mining), which enables the extraction and discovery of patterns of information in data and specific cases.

To achieve the desired results, it is essential that technological tools be used to construct information architecture that supports decisions.

Figure 1 depicts a framework with the Technologies and components of an information architecture system.



The bottom line is that BI is not simply a single type of software. It is a group of applications that are used to transform data into information that can be readily consumed by the agencies and organization's employees to monitor and execute their functions effectively. JVGlobal is here to help, contact us today.

When dealing with any kind of technology, it is important to remember that it was created BY people, FOR people. This is an aspect of business intelligence that is often ignored—and doing so can lead to the failure of your BI program.

JVGlobal-IT, can support your company with the following foundational personnel-related aspects of Business Intelligence:

  • Organizational Change Management: Every BI program forces an organization to weather a certain amount of change. JVGLOBAL-IT can help you manage the process to ensure minimal disruption and maximum buy-in at all levels.

  • Training: By empowering your team with the right tools and training, you can set your company’s Business Intelligence program up for ongoing success.

  • Best Practices Enablement + Knowledge Transfer: JVGLOBAL-IT will work with your team to ensure that all are enabled through knowledge transfer and best practices.


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